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Our consulting services are tailored to provide high quality deliverables in site assessments, vegetation monitoring, invasive plant mapping and native plant design.  Eco Logic also has the expertise in master planning as well as land acquisition and restoration planning to help our clients reach their conservation goals and meet their regulatory requirements.

Climate change will increasingly impact natural communities and urban greenspaces. Our unique knowledge of climate change, plant communities and sensitive organisms can provide you with insight on how to manage your properties for maximum diversity in a changing climate.

Project Profiles

Master Planning

Eco Logic has extensive experience assisting landscape architects with park master planning.
We are able to provide data collection and analysis for soils, hydrology, plant communities, and other ecological characteristics of the site. Our botanists and ecologists can develop restoration plans for reforestation, wetlands and prairies.

Native Plant Design

Our designers have extensive experience using native plants in a wide variety of applications including restoration, naturalization, green infrastructure and native landscaping. We can help choose the right native plants for your project, creating resilient, sustainable restorations that provide benefits for ecosystems, pollinators, and the people that interact with these spaces.

Site Assessment

Eco Logic will assess the current conditions at your site including plant community quality, presence of invasive species, and identify potential regulatory issues. We provide a GIS map of the site with a detailed written summary of these issues and recommended corrective actions for problems.


Eco Logic has the experience and knowledge to conduct a variety of monitoring tasks for invasive plants, wetlands, plant community development, and endangered, threatened, or rare species. We provide detailed reports and GIS maps to support ongoing stewardship efforts and to help our clients meet their regulatory requirements.

Management Plans

Our experience managing all types of plant communities provides us with the knowledge to review your property and compose a management plan with detailed recommendations and procedures to maintain and improve its quality. Our plans may include a variety of management techniques including invasive plant management, prescribed fire, and native plant establishment.