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Town Hall Park, Burnet Park, and Winton Meadows Park in Avon

An ecological assessment and invasive plant mapping were performed for 3 parks in Avon, Indiana. Two of the parks were new and being worked into the masterplan while an update of the masterplan of the third park was taking place.

Fast Facts

Location: Avon, Indiana
Size: 143 acres, 3 parks total
Timeline: Completed in January 2021
Client: Context Design

More Details

Eco Logic was contracted in December 2021 by Context Design to perform an ecological assessment of Town Hall Park, Burnett Park, and Winton Meadows Park as part of the masterplan for these three parks in the city of Avon. Senior Ecologist Kevin Tungesvick performed the field work that month, mapping the plant communities and the invasive plants present on the site. High quality and sensitive plant communities were noted and described in the report. Management and restoration recommendations were included in the report as well. Suggested seed mixes and woody plant lists were assembled for the restoration recommendations. GIS maps of the existing plant communities, the invasive plant species present, and the recommended restored plant communities were also included in the report.

Additionally, a 2-year invasive plant management plan was written for Town Hall Park, the largest of the parks and the one with the most invasive plant issues. The plan contained the recommended management by species including herbicide type and concentration, treatment timing, and application techniques.