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Marott Woods Nature Preserve Ecological Profile

Produced a profile report detailing the geology, soils, land use history, hydrologic features, plant communities, terrestrial and aquatic fauna, and invasive species

Fast Facts

Location: Marott Park, Indianapolis, IN
Size: 93 Acres
Timeline: Profile completed in February 2021
Client: Indy Land Stewardship

More Details

Eco Logic was contracted by Indy Land Stewardship to produce this report to provide a natural history background for a new Friends of Marott Park group that will advocate for this preserve. The report explains the geological and soil factors that contribute to the rich high-quality woodlands of the preserve. The report describes the streams that separate the different units of the park and their contributions to its biodiversity. It particularly focuses on the plant communities, their constituent species, and the invasive species that threaten their integrity. Finally, the report describes the habitats available and the fauna likely to inhabit them including birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and fish.