Lake Griffy

Eco Logic performed plant community mapping and a floral inventory of this large city park on the north side of Bloomington Indiana in 2019.

Green Infrastructure

Harlan Triangle Urban Rain Garden

Urban rain garden featuring a combination of natural and landscaped aesthetics.

Ecological Restoration

Marott Park High Quality Parcel

High quality parcel - an old-growth urban woodland where invasive species common in the understory has been relieved of invasive pressure through diligent management by both Eco Logic and dedicated volunteers.

Ecological Restoration

Warbler Ridge with Grand Prairie Friends

Endangered species mitigation for Indiana bat habitat funded by a utility company constructing a wind farm.

Green Infrastructure

City of Greenwood Green Infrastructure Sites

Urban rain gardens and bioswales designed to capture stormwater runoff from parking lots and streets.

Pollinator Habitat

Eagle Creek Pollinator Planting

The plantings encompass six different areas of Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis that have been converted from lawn and old field vegetation to diverse prairie plantings designed to provide nectar to pollinators throughout the growing season.

Pollinator Habitat

Fisher Oak Savanna

Installation of high diversity local genotype seed mixes in a prairie/savanna mosaic habitat in northwest Indiana.

Ecological Restoration

Sherman Minton Nature Preserve – IDNR Nature Preserves

Performed treatment & mapping of Tree of Heaven, preserve located in the knobtone escarpment.

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Eco Logic: Experienced and Passionate Team

Eco Logic LLC is an ecological restoration and green infrastructure firm founded in Bloomington Indiana in 1999. We work with clients focused on restoring natural areas and improving the sustainability of our urban environment. We bring over 20 years of experience to every project from assessment and planning through to implementation and long-term management.
We understand the life cycle of restoration and green infrastructure projects. Our continued investments in training, infrastructure, and career development have allowed us to retain well trained, passionate team members that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project.

Our Projects at a Glance

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Eco Logic Services

  • Ecological Restoration

    Invasive Plant Control, Native Plant Establishment, Forest, Wetland and Prairie Restoration, and Prescribed Burning

  • Consulting

    Master Planning, Native Plant Design, Site Assessments, Monitoring, and Management Plans

  • Green Infrastructure

    Plant Design and Specifications, Project Implementation, Inspections and Monitoring, Operations, and Maintenance Programs

  • Pollinator Habitat

    Site Assessment, Establishment Plans, Site Preparation and Installation, and Maintenance Programs