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Flowing Well Park Streambank Mitigation

Mitigation for impact of a streambank stabilization project on Cool Creek requiring planting of trees and shrubs and monitoring the restored vegetation for 3 years.

Fast Facts

Location: Flowing Well Park, Carmel, Indiana
Size: 16 acre park, 0.5 acres of impact
Timeline: Tree planting completed November 2021, Monitoring on-going
Client: Carmel Parks and Recreation

More Details

Cool Creek flows through a mature mesic woodland in this heavily wooded urban park. In accordance with the mitigation recommendations associated with the streambank stabilization work, Eco Logic planted 70 container grown trees in various sized containers and 25 3-gallon shrubs and understory trees. The trees and shrubs were chosen from an approved mitigation list and selected for shade tolerance and other environmental factors on the site. Eco Logic installed them in November 2021. An as built survey was then assembled for the permitting agencies as part of the required 3-year monitoring period. Eco Logic will perform the first two monitoring visits in 2022.