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Ecological Restoration

Eco Logic’s team of passionate and experienced restoration ecologists work to restore native plant communities in a variety of habitats throughout the Midwest. We provide high quality restoration services utilizing specialized equipment, innovative methodologies, and best management practices.
The ecological restoration process includes site assessment and planning to establish conservation goals followed by restoration activities and monitoring, to guide future management decisions.

Project Profiles

Invasive Plant Control

Our restoration ecologists are able to identify native and non-native plants in a variety of settings. This allows them to control over 70 species of invasive plants with a high degree of selectivity, protecting native plant communities. Our crews travel throughout Indiana and neighboring states up to 200 miles from our headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana covering thousands of acres per year. Eco Logic practices early detection and rapid response, staying abreast of new invaders.

Native Plant Establishment

Eco Logic strives to restore resilient, ecologically functional landscapes. Our decades of specialization in the establishment of native vegetation gives us an intimate understanding of the unique methods, timing, and maintenance required to create successful restorations. This includes reforestation, wetland creation and prairie plantings.

Forest, Wetland, and Prairie Restoration

Eco Logic has extensive experience restoring a variety of native plant communities including woodland, wetland and prairie sites. We source local genotype seeds and plants, ensure our equipment is free of invasive plant propagules, and work with a light ecological footprint. Our extensive experiences allow us to implement our clients’ restoration plans in a quality and cost efficient manner.

Prescribed Burning

Prescribed fire mimics the natural disturbance of wildland fire and is an effective tool to manage oak woodlands, savannas and prairies. Eco Logic has a team of eight certified Type II Wildland Firefighter’s to help our clients meet their management goals.  We also partner with Steve Creech from Wildlife Management and Training Specialists to ensure our staff has the best training possible.