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Carmel River Heritage Park Invasive Plant Management Plan

Invasive plant mapping, invasive plant management plan, implementation of the management plan.

Fast Facts

Location: River Heritage Park, Carmel, Indiana
Size: 35 acres
Timeline: Mapping and plan completed in February 2021, plan implemented in 2021 and 2022.
Client: Carmel Parks and Recreation

More Details

During the winter of 2021, Eco Logic was contracted to map the invasive plants and write an invasive plant management plan as part of a planned renovation of this park along White River. The field work was completed in January and the invasive plant management plan was written in February. A budget was assembled and accepted for implementation of the two-year invasive plant management plan.

Stewardship work commenced in early spring 2021 with basal-bark treatment of invasive trees including callery pear and Osage orange. During the summer of 2021 honeysuckle and other invasive shrubs were cleared via cut stump and forestry mowing. Fall treatment included foliar treatment of wintercreeper and honeysuckle resprouts in the area where the forestry mowing took place.

2022 treatments will focus on girdling and treatment of large Osage orange trees, and follow-up treatment in areas of cut-stump and forestry mowing for honeysuckle and other invasive shrubs. Follow-up treatment will also occur on any remaining patches of wintercreeper.