Newfields Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park Floral Inventory

A floral inventory was performed at this 100-acre nature park documenting 454 vascular plant species.

Fast Facts

Location: Newfields, Indianapolis, Indiana
Size: 100 Acres
Client: Newfields

More Details

Eco Logic was contracted to conduct a floral inventory of the Newfields 100 Acre Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park in early 2021. The inventory was conducted throughout the 2021 growing season through monthly visits from April through October.  During each visit, surveys were conducted of all the plant communities on the site. Each observed species was recorded along with its respective plant communities and its frequency of occurrence. Samples were taken of species not identifiable in the field to key under magnification. The inventory documented 454 vascular plant species.

Once the field work was completed, the spontaneous (non-planted) species were used in a floristic quality assessment of the site. A separate assessment was performed on the planted prairie and pollinator meadows to evaluate the quality of the established community. Each plant community was delineated and mapped.

The report contained descriptions of the geography, soils and geology of the site, the plant communities and their characteristic species, invasive species present on the site, and the results of the floristic quality assessments. The appendices of the report contain the entire species list and their habitats, the flora listed by plant family, a list of all the woody species on site, a list of the invasive species present, the details of the floristic quality assessments, and a plant community map.