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Flowing Well Park Streambank Mitigation

Flowing Well Tree Locations East

Mitigation for impact of a streambank stabilization project on Cool Creek requiring planting of trees and shrubs and monitoring the restored vegetation for 3 years.

Miller Showers Park

Miller Showers Monarch on swamp aster (Symphyotrichum puniceum)

Renovation of urban park prairie planting and stormwater green infrastructure.

Meltzer Woods

Meltzer Solid groundcover of wintercreeper

Old Growth Woods dominated by invasive wintercreeper with adjunct agricultural fields.

Crane Pear Control

Crane Pear ControlWinter basal bark treatment

Mechanical and herbicide treatment on extensive callery pear infestation.

Southwestway Calcareous Bluff Restoration

Southwestway Park dead honeysuckle

A unique bluff composed of calcareous glacial outwash was invaded by Amur honeysuckle that threatened the exceptionally diverse herbaceous community on the slope. Eco Logic recognized this unique community and began stewardship to free this diverse community from invasive shrubs.

Wabash Valley Power

Native landscape in a commercial setting featuring woodland preservation, reforestation, and naturalized storm water basins.