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Meltzer Woods

Old Growth Woods dominated by invasive wintercreeper with adjunct agricultural fields.

Fast Facts

Location: Shelbyville, IN
Size: 60 acres
Timeline: 2016-2018
Client: CILTI

More Details

Meltzer Woods is a Central Indiana Land Trust property, purchased in 2014. Designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1974, this site offers the unique opportunity to observe old growth trees in a landscape dominated by agricultural fields. Invasive species – specifically wintercreeper (Euonymous fortunei), dominated the woodland area in a thick groundcover with vines also climbing up trees. Eco Logic was contracted initially for wintercreeper treatment and then for reforestation services. The woodland was delineated into three 16 acre parcels to approach the treatment over a three year period. Initial treatments were made with a skid mount sprayer and UTV, while follow up treatments in year two were applied with backpack sprayers

Two agricultural fields are part of the property and were planted with a simple pollinator seed mix and 6,700 bareroot trees in spring 2018. Eco Logic performed maintenance activities, such a mowing and band spraying of deer repellant though the first year of the planting. 

The wintercreeper treatment was quite successful, with the resurgence of spring ephemeral in the spring after initial treatments. Large patches of wild ginger, bellwort, solomon’s seal, and even running strawberry bush had been suppressed, but are now prevalent components of the ground cover layer.