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Wabash Valley Power

Native landscape in a commercial setting featuring woodland preservation, reforestation, and naturalized storm water basins.

Fast Facts

Location: Intech Business Park, Indianapolis
Size: 9 acres
Timeline: ongoing
Client: Wabash Valley Power Alliance

More Details

Eco Logic installed and maintains the naturalized portions of this commercial landscape designed by Ratio Architects in Indianapolis. The installation occurred during the growing season in 2019 and consisted of three primary sections. 

An area of existing flatwoods was preserved in the front of the property. Invasive woody species, primarily Amur honeysuckle, were removed and stump treated during the winter of 2019. Hazard trees that were victims of the emerald ash borer were also removed. A woodland seed mix was applied to bare areas that had been densely shaded by the honeysuckle. Additional native trees and shrubs appropriate for flatwoods were installed in the gaps resulting from ash mortality.  In spring of 2020 existing spring ephemeral wildflower such as trilliums and dutchman’s breeches were thriving alongside the new plantings. 

Other areas near the building were reforested to mitigate the loss of some woodlands within the building footprint. Native flatwoods species such as bur oak, swamp white oak, and shumard oak made up the majority of the canopy trees while ornamental native understory species such as redbud, serviceberry, and pagoda dogwood were included to provide spring flowers and understory structure. A woodland graminoid seed mix completed this reforestation. 

Two stormwater basins on the campus received native wetland and prairie species. The small basin has longer water retention and received wetland plugs in the bottom of the basin and a prairie grass and wildflower mix on the slopes of the basin. The larger basin drains relatively quickly after a rainfall and received a wet-mesic prairie seed mix. Both seed mixes germinated well and will mature in a 3 to 5 year time frame.