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Sherman Minton Nature Preserve – IDNR Nature Preserves

Performed treatment & mapping of Tree of Heaven, preserve located in the knobtone escarpment.

Fast Facts

Location: Floyd County
Size: 600 acres
Timeline: Dormant season of 2015-16
Client: NSA Crane Foresry and Nat’l Resources

More Details

The project property is on a State dedicated nature preserve that is a total of 1301 acres in Floyd County.
It is part of the knobstone escarpment a physiographic area in southern Indiana characterised by steep slopes and deep ravines.  It is also one of the few places in Indiana that you can find the native Virginia Pine growing with Chestnut Oaks and prickly pear cactus along the ridge tops or “knobs”.  

During the dormant season of 2015-16 Eco Logic applicators treated invasive Tree of Heaven on over 600 acres of steep and rugged terrain.  All applicators used GIS tracking to show their coverage of the site, and waypoint data to mark the Ailanthus outbreaks.  Ailanthus had started to crowd out native canopy trees in the valleys and was creeping up the slope threatening to invade the ridge tops.