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Fisher Oak Savanna

Fisher Oak

Installation of high diversity local genotype seed mixes in a prairie/savanna mosaic habitat in northwest Indiana.

Eagle Creek Pollinator Planting

Eagle Creek Pollinator Sites Hummingbird clearwing moth on Bergamot

The plantings encompass six different areas of Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis that have been converted from lawn and old field vegetation to diverse prairie plantings designed to provide nectar to pollinators throughout the growing season.

Indianapolis Land Stewardship Prescribed Fire

Eco logic utilizes prescribed fire as a management tool with Indianapolis Land Stewardship in the Indianapolis Parks System. The burning of native plant communities recycles nutrients into the soil and invigorates wildflowers and grasses. It also can help to control the encroachment of non-native woody plants into prairie and pollinator plantings.

Carpenter Nature Preserve

Carpenter Proposed Plant Communities

An ecological assessment to document the current habitats and explore potential restoration strategies for a new park.

Lake Griffy

Lake Griffy Mature mesic woodland

Eco Logic performed plant community mapping and a floral inventory of this large city park on the north side of Bloomington Indiana in 2019.

Grand Prairie Friends Warbler Bluff

Design and installation of a restored natural landscape including a hill prairie, seepage wetlands, and tree planting to create bat habitat.