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Fisher Oak Savanna

Installation of high diversity local genotype seed mixes in a prairie/savanna mosaic habitat in northwest Indiana.

Fast Facts

Location: 5 miles north of Wolcott, IN in Jasper County
Size: 67 acres in 2009, 46 acres in 2018
Timeline: 2009 and 2018
Client: NICHES

More Details

This property owned by the NICHES Land Trust is situated at the boundary between the Kankakee Sands Natural Region and the Grand Prairie Natural Region of northwest Indiana. The northern part of the property is characterized by sand dunes and moist sandy flats while the southern portion that harbors the 67-acre prairie restoration is characterized by mesic to wet-mesic loamy soils. In winter 2008-2009 Eco Logic installed a diverse low stature prairie mix over this 67 acre parcel. The germination was exceptional in 2009 and within a couple of years, all of the species in the mix had been observed thriving in the restoration. A wet-mesic mix sown at the same time in wetter portions of the field was equally successful. Within a few years the prairie was dominated by a large variety of forbs growing in a matrix of prairie dropseed, little bluestem, and several species of sedges. It more closely resembles local remnant prairies in structure rather than a typical restoration. Both seed mixes consisted entirely of local genotype seed from the northern half of Indiana, with many of species having a genetic origin within a few miles of the site. Floristic quality assessments done on this restoration yield results comparable with the best prairie restorations in the Midwest.

Following an additional property acquisition, Eco Logic was contracted to install another 46 acres of local genotype seed mixes in a former agricultural field in the northern portion of the property. This mix was installed in the winter of 2018-2019. Early indications point to another highly successful installation with excellent recruitment.