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City of Greenwood Green Infrastructure Sites

Urban rain gardens and bioswales designed to capture stormwater runoff from parking lots and streets.

Fast Facts

Location: Greenwood, Indiana
Size: 13,350 sq ft
Timeline: ongoing
Client: City of Greenwood

More Details

Eco Logic took over management activities in the City of Greenwood in 2019, which included two green infrastructure sites.  The first, City Center Park, has two large bioswales that were constructed about five years prior to Eco Logic’s involvement. The vegetated BMP was taken over by invasive plants such as cattails, tall fescue, and Canada thistle. Eco Logic remediated the site by installing approximately 1,100 Indiana native herbaceous plugs, reestablishing the bed edges, repairing areas of erosion, and applying mulch. Regular routine maintenance through 2019 and 2020 has allowed the native plants to thrive, permitting their deep root systems to increase infiltration of stormwater.

The second location – Surina Way near the Greenwood Public Library was taken over by Eco Logic once post construction warranty work was completed. This site has one large bioswale with significant groupings of the same species in a more intentional design than naturalized bioswales. It also features eight long linear rain garden beds along 670 feet of the roadway for catching and filtering rain and stormwater runoff. Regular maintenance of this site has kept the areas in good condition and sustained the site with a conventional landscape look.