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Cook Profile Parkway

100 acre industrial revitalization on old GE factory site including native landscaping, green infrastructure, pollinator habitat, and reforestation.

Trafalgar Library Prairie

Invasive plant control in existing native grass planting and installation of wildfowers via plant plugs

Celery Bog

Eco Logic established pollinator habitat and provided maintenance on old pasture ground buffering the bog and its five wetland basins.

Miami Whitewater

Prairie Install with Truax no-till seed drill/Install 4,000 Trees

Miller Showers Park

Miller Showers Monarch on swamp aster (Symphyotrichum puniceum)

Renovation of urban park prairie planting and stormwater green infrastructure.

Wabash Valley Power

Native landscape in a commercial setting featuring woodland preservation, reforestation, and naturalized storm water basins.

Fisher Oak Savanna

Fisher Oak

Installation of high diversity local genotype seed mixes in a prairie/savanna mosaic habitat in northwest Indiana.