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Overly-Worman Park

Initial invasive plant and habitat mapping for master planning design phase. Extensive posion hemlock treatment, bush honeysuckle removal.

Carter Station Park

Fecon and cut-stump removal of bush honeysuckle and other woody invasives.

Boone Creek Barrens

Rare barren community in southern Indiana, woody plant management to maintain glade openings

Cloverlick Barrens

Barren community with prairie grasses and forbs, woodly plant management to maintain glade opening

Harding Flats

Unique barren site with prairie forbs like purple flowering Milkweed, Japanese stiltgrass treatments


Controlled reed canary grass in an emergent wetland in southern Indiana

Wolf Tract

Controlled Lespedeza in forest openings


Mechanical removal of woody invasives and follow up herbicide applications