Excess stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces in developed areas can cause street flooding, erosion, and overflows from combined sewer lines. This degrades water quality and can lead to increased spending in waste water treatment.

Fast flowing stormwater running off of impervious surfaces is unable to naturally soak into the soil thus reducing the amount of water available to plants and for groundwater recharge. It also contains reduced amounts of dissolved oxygen required by aquatic organisms, thus reducing fish and invertebrate populations in our rivers, lakes, and streams.

Eco Logic employs today’s best management practices in stormwater management in all of our projects. BMPs are alternative development techniques to conventional stormwater management. The best management practices are proven ways that protect water resources by reducing untreated runoff that reaches waterways and local sewer systems.

Raingardens, bioswales, filter strips, and natural landscaping are all alternative stormwater management techniques that reduce runoff, prevent erosion, and ameliorate groundwater recharge.


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