Eco Logic Staff

Spencer Goehl, Principal
Executive Director

“I grew up in the hills of Brown County and from an early age spent every waking moment outside, exploring nature.  This led me on a path to become an ISA Certified Arborist and I truly loved working with trees, but soon became dismayed at the unsustainable practices of the “Green Industry” including a lack of native plant diversity in our landscapes.  I really wanted to have a bigger and more positive impact on our landscapes and I found that through ecological restoration.”

Spencer started Eco Logic in 1999 with the dream of restoring ecosystems throughout Indiana with a focus on high quality remnant natural areas.  Since that time Spencer has guided Eco Logic through a transformation from a small restoration firm with one crew run by the owners, into one of the premier ecological restoration firms in the Midwest.

In the early years Spencer was involved with each aspect of every restoration project including completing the work in the field and follow up monitoring. Some of his early projects were restoring fire adapted, globally rare ecosystems in northwest Indiana such as Dune & Swale, Oak Barrens and remnant Prairie through projects for the Indiana Division of Nature Preserves. This gave him a unique understanding of the importance and challenge of restoring our high quality remnant natural areas.

Since that time Spencer has overseen many large multi-year government invasive species control contracts on thousands of acres of public land. He has also been involved in the green infrastructure movement and has assisted many municipalities with planning, implementation and management of stormwater BMP’s.

He has focused Eco Logic’s resources on safety, training and employee retention and has built an extremely passionate and talented team of restoration ecologists.

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Phillip Oser, Principal
Assistant Director

“Fishing, hiking and camping in southern Indiana is what sparked my interest in nature at a very early age. Since then, deepening my understanding our native place and its natural history has been of paramount importance to me. I am very proud to be a part of this amazing group of people that share my lifelong commitment to learning.”

Phil has a strong background in ecological restoration, installing and maintaining native plant communities. Phil holds a bachelor of science in Natural Resource Management from Indiana University. He gained experience in ecological restoration and native plant installation working for a small nursery in Middle Tennessee. Phil managed restoration projects for park departments across Tennessee and assisted with native plant and modular green roof production.

At Eco Logic, Phil has overseen many projects and worked tirelessly to complete them with the highest level of quality and efficiency. As an experienced equipment operator and herbicide applicator, Phil is responsible for training employees to tread lightly, while still having a big impact, even on the most sensitive nature preserves. His passion for the environment, creative spirit, strong organization skills, and attention to detail make him a superb project manager. Phil also oversees mapping and consulting projects for many of our partners as Eco Logic’s lead GIS analyst. Whether he is applying herbicides and felling trees or developing GIS standards and restoration plans, Phil is a valuable member of the Eco Logic team.

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Matt Fox
Project Manager

“My family’s love for the outdoors was passed on to me, although belatedly. As a young man raised on a small family farm, I would long for the city sidewalks and fast paced urban lifestyle, while tilling the field and feeding the animals. The glamour of city life didn’t last long however, and at age 24 I made my first attempt at the Appalachian Trail. Though I didn’t last for more than a few weeks, I regrouped and came back the next year and completed hiking a large portion of the trail within two months. When I returned I knew then that I wanted to dedicate my life to protecting nature both in its magnificence and minutia. This experience cemented a lifelong communion with nature and kick-started my career in Ecological Restoration.”

Matt Fox has acquired almost 15 years of experience working in the field of ecological restoration.  His career began as a crew leader with AmeriCorps working in cooperation with The Santa Clara Open Space Authority in California monitoring and managing various invasive species.  Matt then served as the Ecologist’s Assistant for California State Parks both in the Northern half of Big Sur and then Monterey Bay.  There he was responsible for such tasks as seed collection/propagation/planting, flora and fauna monitoring, and a implementing a variety of IPM (integrated pest management) techniques, both mechanized and manual.  In 2006, Matt and his wife moved to Louisville, Kentucky where he worked on the woodlands restoration crew for Olmsted Parks Conservancy as a Biological Technician. Here he was responsible for trail maintenance, vegetation surveys, and IPM.  While at Eco Logic, Matt has served as project manager for several long term projects including a restoration project at the TNC  Prairie Borders Complex, and several invasive species management projects at Hoosier National Forest. He also oversees the DNR Kudzu eradication contract for the DNR/State of Indiana and recently completed a large scale Ailanthus reduction on the 600 acre Sherman/Minton Nature Preserve in Floyd County.

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Natalie Marinova
Nursery Manager/ Field Botanist

“I have always enjoyed gardening in general since I was a young child following my mom around the yard.  My interest in native plants and sustainable practices culminated in college and continued to grow from there.  My work with Eco Logic over the past six years has also allowed me to deepen my understanding of the bigger picture of ecology beyond our backyards.  Now a new mom myself, I am excited to share the wonders of the outdoor world and of native plants with our daughter!  Through hiking, skiing, camping and of course, digging in the dirt, I hope to instill in her and those around me, the need for continued preservation of our natural lands and the native flora and fauna dependent on those lands.”

Natalie has a B.S. in Agriculture from Berea College.  She had been working with native plants for over twenty years.  From her introductory years as a student worker on the grounds crew at Berea College to her current position of Field Botanist and Nursery Manager at Eco Logic, Natalie has worked in the native plant landscaping and nursery field across four states – Kentucky, Ohio, North Carolina and Indiana.  This regional experience has exposed her to a wide range of plants.  She joined the Eco Logic team in Spring of 2010.  She oversees many of the installation projects, leads crews in invasive plant treatments, is a consultant on plant inventory projects, and implements the companies’ botany training.  Natalie is looking forward to the nursery having a successful second year.

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Mary Hallinan
Office Manager

“Caring about plants & plant communities has been a mainspring in my life. My first job was for a ‘mom and pop’ roadside garden center in Indianapolis, and I spent my spring and summer months throughout college working for various landscaping companies & garden centers in south and central Indiana. My immersion in Bloomington’s network of sustainable culture gradually brought enlightenment concerning the importance of gardening with native plants. Supporting Eco Logic in its establishment of a retail native plant nursery and in its ever important restoration and consulting work has deepened my appreciation for how each individual gardener and naturalist can contribute toward conservation in both a cultural and ecological scope.”

Mary has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Indiana University in Bloomington plus one year of Graduate study in Plant Pathology at the University of Georgia in Athens. Moreover, she has 15 years of experience in graphic design and business management from her previous work in the Independent Music industry. Mary spent early 2015 training and volunteering as an intern for the Monroe County Master Gardener Association. She began her role at Eco Logic in the summer of 2015.
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Sam Shoaf
Restoration Supervisor

“I grew up hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking the woods of Indiana, developing a love for nature and a desire to learn the ecology of our landscape. While studying Wildlife Management at Purdue I learned about the threat of invasive species and their detrimental effects on native ecosystems, and was introduced to some restoration techniques through my course work.  During his studies I took many courses on plant identification, habitat management, forest ecology, wildlife investigational techniques, and fire ecology. ”

After graduation in 2014 Sam worked at Eco Logic as a Seasonal Restoration Technician, gaining valuable experience with a variety of restoration techniques in many different ecosystems.  He adapted quickly to the challenges of fieldwork, and spent much of the winter of 2014-2015 participating in the restoration of the Oak Savanna at TNC Prairie Borders Complex.  During this project he logged many hours of forestry mower and chainsaw operation.   In 2016 Sam became a Restoration Supervisor for Eco Logic and has been a valuable asset to our team.

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Caleb McCann
Restoration Supervisor

“Biology has always been my passion. As a child I would spend hours in the woods next to my home studying plants and wildlife. This continued in college, where I studied Biology with an emphasis in ecology. Conversely, upon graduating college I worked for a pharmaceutical company, in an aseptic environment, making medicine. This experience, though valuable, reinforced my love for the outdoors and my desire to work for the betterment of the natural world. After two years in that position I made the jump to Eco Logic and have loved every moment.”

Caleb graduated Cum Laude from Indiana Wesleyan University with a major in Biology. As part of his course work he studied at Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies where he gained hands-on experience with wildlife and restoration ecology. Since starting at Eco Logic in 2014, Caleb has earned his Commercial Drivers License, Indiana Pesticide Applicators certification, and Category 3a Ornamental Pest Management certification. He has become proficient in operating a skid steer with multiple attachments, including a Fecon forestry mulcher, as well as the use of herbicides in responsible restoration strategies. He was utilized extensively as part of the effort to fight the Callery pear infestation at Crane Naval Base and in restoring 170 acres of black oak savanna in Northern Indiana. Caleb’s passion for restoring native plant communities and diligent work ethic make him a valued member of the Eco Logic team.

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