Eco Logic Staff

Spencer Goehl, Principal
Executive Director

Spencer Goehl was one of the founding members of Eco Logic, LLC in 1999. He began his career in the green industry over 16 years ago as an I.S.A Certified Arborist. His initial love of native trees and shrubs has turned into a career installing and managing native plant communities. He has designed and managed numerous public works projects utilizing native plants as well as numerous government and private projects involving invasive plant management.

Spencer has played an instrumental role as the lead project manager for Eco Logic’s multi-year land stewerdship contract with Indy Parks. He helps write prescriptions for restoring degraded ecosystems throughout the Indy Parks service area, and oversees the implementation of restoration projects by Eco Logic field crews. He has also created an Early Detection and Rapid Response program to help Land Stewardship deal with new invaders. Spencer recently wrote a best management practice for the Indiana Division of Nature Preserves on the control of Reed Canary Grass at state dedicated nature preserves. Spencer has gained the reputation as one of the most experienced invasive plant practitioners in the state of Indiana.

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Phillip Oser, Principal
Assistant Director

“Fishing, hiking and camping in southern Indiana is what sparked my interest in nature at a very early age. Since then, deepening my understanding our native place and its natural history has been of paramount importance to me. I am very proud to be a part of this amazing group of people that share my lifelong commitment to learning.”

Phil has a strong background in ecological restoration, installing and maintaining native plant communities. Phil holds a bachelor of science in Natural Resource Management from Indiana University. He gained experience in ecological restoration and native plant installation working for a small nursery in Middle Tennessee. Phil managed restoration projects for park departments across Tennessee and assisted with native plant and modular green roof production.

At Eco Logic, Phil has overseen many projects and worked tirelessly to complete them with the highest level of quality and efficiency. As an experienced equipment operator and herbicide applicator, Phil is responsible for training employees to tread lightly, while still having a big impact, even on the most sensitive nature preserves. His passion for the environment, creative spirit, strong organization skills, and attention to detail make him a superb project manager. Phil also oversees mapping and consulting projects for many of our partners as Eco Logic’s lead GIS analyst. Whether he is applying herbicides and felling trees or developing GIS databases and restoration plans, Phil is a valuable member of the Eco Logic team.
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Matt Fox
Ecological Restoration Supervisor

Matt Fox has acquired 10 years of experience working in the field of ecological restoration. Matt studied biology at the University of Northern Kentucky. He began his experience in 2001 as a crew leader with AmeriCorps working with the Santa Clara Open Space Authority in California. Here he helped organize efforts to monitor and manage invasive species such as French Broom and Pampas Grass.

Matt then served as an Ecologist’s Assistant for the California State Parks – Northern half of Big Sur. Here he attained a love for turnkey ecological restoration. His responsibilities at Big Sur included seed collection/propagation/planting, flora/fauna monitoring, and vegetation surveys for woodland restoration. Matt also executed various forms of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) from hand cutting to using a backpack sprayer to mechanized removal. After meeting his wife he transferred to the Monterey Bay district where he performed similar tasks that focused on dune restoration.

In 2006, Matt and his wife moved to Louisville, Kentucky where he worked on the woodlands restoration crew for Olmsted Parks Conservancy as a Biological Technician. Here he was responsible for trail maintenance, vegetation surveys, and IPM.

While at Eco Logic, Matt has served as project manager for several long term projects including a restoration project at the TNC property, Prairie Borders, and several invasive species management projects at Hoosier National Forest. He also oversaw the DNR Kudzu eradication contract for the state of Indiana.

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Natalie George
Field Botanist

A graduate of Berea College with a BS in Agriculture, Natalie has worked with native plants for 16 years. Her past experiences were predominately in landscaping that emphasized modeling natural systems and nursery management with native plants. Her work consisted of the installation and maintenance of native landscapes, invasive plant management in prairie plantings, seed collection, and crew supervision.

Prior to moving to Bloomington, Indiana, Natalie was nursery manager at Shooting Star Nursery in Georgetown, Kentucky for nearly 5 years. There, she developed a solid base in native plant identification and cultivation skills. Natalie’s ability to identify hundreds of species of native plants from seed to seedling to maturity makes her a valuable member of the Eco Logic team. She is capable of evaluating and determining the success of a seed installation as well as a plug planting. She is also an expert in distinguishing target species during the process of invasive plant removal.

Having been with Eco Logic for three years now, Natalie enjoys working on familiar sites and observing their transformation from heavily invaded sites to stabilizing native ecosystems. ¬†She continues to lead crews in the field, educate employees on plant identification, and is taking on more consulting projects. Natalie will be instrumental in the formation of Eco Logic’s native plant nursery.

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Nate Dodson
Ecological Restoration Supervisor

Nate graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Environmental Management from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He later began his career in ecological restoration as a spring intern with Heartland Restoration in northern Indiana.

Nate began learning about native plants and various methods for eradicating invasive plants while at Heartland. He was involved in several streambank and shoreline stabilization projects and also assisted with the native plant nursery and seed operation.

Since coming to Eco Logic in the summer of 2010, Nate has become a key personnel on several invasive plant eradication projects including treating Japanese Stiltgrass in the Hoosier National Forest, Kudzu throughout southern Indiana, Bush Honeysuckle in Hamilton County, Ohio, Japanese Knotweed with Indianapolis Parks, and Reed Canary Grass with the Sycamore Land Trust and the Red Tail Conservancy.

In addition to working in the field, Nate has redesigned and developed our new website, and assists with our marketing efforts.

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