Invasive Plant Management

The founders of Eco Logic have a combined 40 years of experience managing invasive plants in the Midwest. We pride ourselves on very precise and selective treatment methods in high quality remnant ecosystems.

Eco Logic strives to help our clients meet their restoration goals while minimizing our footprint on the natural areas in which we work.


Ecological Consulting

We offer a wide range of ecological consulting services including Natural Area Assessments, Ecological Restoration Planning, GIS Mapping, Rain Garden Design, and Stormwater Management.



Eco Logic has experience planting trees both mechanically and manually on a variety of sites. We cater each reforestation project to our clients needs offering a full range of services. We have state certified Forestry applicators on staff along with specialized equipment for efficient weed management.


Forestry Mowing

For many infestations of aggressive woody plants, mechanized equipment greatly outperforms hand labor. Our compact rubber tracked loader with a Fecon forestry mowing attachment will grind shrubs and trees with a DBH of up to eleven inches.


Prairie Installation

Prairie communities once covered approximately 15% of Indiana, but due to extensive development and agriculture less than 1% of this area remains today. Eco Logic is dedicated to re-introducing prairie communities to increase biodiversity and to reduce the intensive maintenance of turf grasses.


Stream/Riparian Habitat Restoration

Eco Logic focuses on restoring streams based on an ecosystem approach to ameliorate riparian stressors to insure the long term restoration of the entire system. First using Rosgen’s system of stream classification, the stream type and condition is identified. This information is then used to formulate a restoration plan for your project.


Wetland Installation

The Midwest has many types of natural wetlands including bogs, fens, wet prairies, dune and swale, marshes, and swamps. Eco Logic has extensive experience working to protect and manage existing wetland ecosystems in the Midwest. This experience allows us to install and manage high quality wetland mitigation projects which attempt to restore many of the ecosystem services provided by natural wetlands.


Stormwater Management

Excess stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces in developed areas can cause street flooding, erosion, and overflows from combined sewer lines. Raingardens, bioswales, filter strips, and natural landscaping are all alternative stormwater management techniques that reduce runoff, prevent erosion, and ameliorate groundwater recharge. Eco Logic employs today’s best management practices in stormwater management in all of our projects.