The management team at Eco Logic has a combined 45 years of experience managing invasive plants in the Midwest. We pride ourselves on very precise and selective treatment methods in high quality remnant ecosystems. Eco Logic strives to help our clients meet their restoration goals while minimizing our footprint on the natural areas in which we work. Some of the integrated approaches we use are:

  • Selective Herbicides
  • Innovative Equipment Adaptations
  • Dormant Season Treatments
  • Highly Trained and Licensed Applicators
  • Low Ground Pressure Equipment

Eco Logic has a fully trained staff of pesticide applicators who are well versed in plant identification in all season. We are licensed by the Office of the Indiana State Chemist in following categories:

  • Forestry
  • Aquatic
  • Right of Way
  • Ornamental
  • Registered Technician


Project Profiles:

Cold Spring School
Brock Sampson Nature Preserve
Conrad Savanna Nature Preserve
Hoosier Prairie Nature Preserve
Indiana Kudzu
Marrot Park Nature Preserve

Bush Honeysuckle – Lonicera spp.

Garlic Mustard – Alliaria petiolata

Euonymus fortunei

Purple Wintercreeper – Euonymus fortunei

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