For many infestations of aggressive woody plants, mechanized equipment greatly outperforms hand labor. Our compact rubber tracked loader with a Fecon forestry mowing attachment will grind shrubs and trees with a DBH of up to eleven inches.

We have trained, ecologically minded equipment operators who have the skills to identify native and non-native plants in all seasons. Experience provides us with an increased efficiency once on site and minimizes damage to off target vegetation. Our equipment is intensely power-washed after each property we work on to avoid the spread of invasive plants.

Services include:

  • Understory clearing
  • Prairie and wetland management
  • Management fire adapted ecosystems
  • Fire lane creation and maintenance
  • Urban Interface Zone

The Fecon Forestry Mower can efficiently

remove large quantities of biomass.

Mulched woody material degrades quickly leaving the ideal working

environment for the selective treatment of resprouts.