Our mission is to establish and restore native plant communities and the ecological processes they support through planning, implementation and monitoring.


Our Core Values:



  • Provide meaningful employment which enables employees to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Provide passionate and high performing employees opportunities for career advancement.
  • Create a family atmosphere where all employees are treated with respect and care for one another’s safety and well-being.


  • Demonstrate excellence and innovation in the field of ecological restoration.
  • Provide the highest quality ecological restoration services in the Midwest.
  • Learn from previous generations of conservationists and restoration ecologists, build upon their work, and add to the collective knowledge of ecological restoration.


  • Focus on projects where the ecological benefits are sustainable long into the future.
  • Educate the public about the value of native plants, and improve understanding of the role humans have in restoring and maintaining biological diversity and the ecosystem services that native plant communities provide.
  • Donate and volunteer to assist conservation and restoration groups in protecting our natural resources.


The Story of Eco Logic:


The Eco Logic journey started in 1999 out of an old farm house on the west side of Bloomington, Indiana. Spencer Goehl discovered ecological restoration through volunteering with conservation groups and learning directly from experienced land managers, researchers, and expert botanists. These experiences pointed him towards the writings of Aldo Leopold, who shaped Eco Logic’s approach to ecological restoration with this simple premise:

This approach towards land management inspired our initial projects involving both invasive plant control and native plant establishment in a wide variety of habitats. Within a few years Eco Logic evolved into larger scale restorations on globally endangered ecosystems working for the Indiana Division of Nature Preserves and The Nature Conservancy. Working on nature preserves with rare plants and wildlife inspired us to use a light ecological footprint in our restoration practices. Our early work opened our eyes to the extent invasive plants were threatening the biodiversity of our natural landscapes. This highlighted the need for highly specialized ecological restoration contractors to meet this challenge. We began the process of mechanizing our crews and using innovative techniques to increase our efficiency and lower the costs of invasive plant control. Using utility vehicles with powered sprayers, forestry mowers, GPS tracking, customized tank mixes, and highly selective herbicides became standard practice for our restoration crews. We strive to consistently improve the quality and efficiency of our efforts through continuing education, networking with professionals, and reviewing the latest research. Eco Logic has developed long term relationships with organizations that practice conservation as part of their mission, enabling us to have a deep understanding of our client’s goals and objectives. Collectively with our partners, we focus on projects that can be successful and provide meaningful benefits long into the future. Our consulting division builds on these experiences to guide the successful creation and management of resilient, ecologically functioning landscapes. Progressing from humble beginnings into one of the premier restoration firms in the Midwest, our team of 20 passionate and well trained ecologists, ecological consultants, and nursery professionals are the foundation of Eco Logic’s success. Building on our past achievements we look forward to continued collaboration with ecologically focused partners who share our commitment to restore our natural heritage.